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12 healthy habits - 12 полезных привычек


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Здесь начинается краткая программа по формированию в течение года 12 полезных привычек здорового образа жизни. На последующих страницах вы прочитаете советы и узнаете, как можно добиться улучшения качества своей жизни.



This year you can succeed at being healthier. Just follow these small changes, one month at a time.


Here's the first thing to remember about living a healthier year. You've got the entire year to establish new, positive habits. It doesn't all have to be accomplished in January or even before the swimsuit season.

That's why your best strategy for a healthy and happy New Year is to take it one month at a time. If you figure on establishing one positive habit each month, by Dec. 31, next year, you will benefit from a dozen upgrades to your personal health. The result will be energizing on both the physical and mental levels.

So, the idea is think small (changes) for big dividends. Let's go through 12 healthy habits you can adopt for this year. You can mix up the order if one habit resonates more than another, though, it will work out best if you keep the January habit in place as your starting point.



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