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12 healthy habits - 12 полезных привычек

February - Февраль


Февраль Нескучный сад в МосквеNew habit: Switch to unrefined sea salt to replace table salt.

The skinny: The most important small changes a person could make is salt.

Unrefined sea salt has about 80 trace minerals, many of which we all have in short supply in our bodies.

Table salt is too acidic to be healthy. Unrefined sea salt is a real food and a huge plus in the diet.

Action steps: Look for unrefined sea salt. Not all sea salt products qualify. The brands Celtic and Redmond are both available online or at many health food stores.

Replace all table salt in your shakers and pantries with unrefined sea salt. Look for a portable shaker you can take with you when you're away from home. Feel free to use unrefined sea salt more liberally than table salt. Experiment with it in recipes.


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