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12 healthy habits - 12 полезных привычек

December - Декабрь


Декабрь Деревья в снегуNew habit: Be accountable to someone for your physical activity.

The skinny: In fact, a competent trainer who feels a client is not sufficiently motivated, say, after six months, might even resign from the trainer role.

If gym members don't show up consistently for training, they will be asked to stop paying dues and lose active membership. The gym's concept is that motivated people have superior results and the word of mouth about the training business is enhanced with those success stories.

Telling someone about your intentions for diet or exercise is critical to success. You make it public. It shifts the way you think about it, then act on it. You feel more attached to the change.

Action steps: Create some type of accountability in the form of friends, workout partners, personal trainers or even the dog that accompanies you on walks or runs.

Don't judge yourself or be negative about your capacity. Finding a person to whom you are accountable is often the step that makes all the difference.

You will fall off track on establishing a new healthy habit. The most important thing is don't try to analyze it or get frustrated with yourself. Just get back to the positive habit the next day.

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