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12 healthy habits - 12 полезных привычек

January - Январь


Январь СнеговикNew habit: Formulate clear diet and fitness goals. For eating, work on a one-week plan for meals. For fitness, schedule your workouts three weeks out to avoid other commitments canceling your good intentions.

The skinny: Studies show it takes us three weeks or 21 days to establish new habits. We need that time to develop a routine and get into a mindset.

You can begin with 10-minute walks at lunch, that's OK. The important point is formalizing the process of planning your fitness time.

Action steps: Come up with a menu for the week and select one day every week to shop at the supermarket for supplies. The idea is to create a menu that you follow for most meals and snacks. The most critical areas? Having healthy items for breakfast (see April's habit for more details) and stocking up on  nutritious snacks for work, school, the car and other times you're on the go.

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