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12 healthy habits - 12 полезных привычек

March - Март


Март Сосульки на крышеNew habit: Wake up at the same time each day, weekends included.

The skinny: Most sleep researchers agree that wakeup time is the most pivotal factor in improving sleep quality. This habit regulates the body's biological clock without any additional effort though not sleeping in on the weekends can seem like a difficult task.

A list of ideas for improving your sleep:

Waking up at the same time every day is at the top of that list. This habit should be followed even on those nights you didn't get enough sleep.  The idea is this routine eventually trains the body to sleep at night. It might not do wonders for your social life, but, then again, maybe it will if you are better rested and feel happier. Check out October for more sleep advice.

Action steps: Pick the best wakeup time that works for all seven days, factoring in an extra 15 minutes that will allow you to ease into your day. The additional minutes can change the pace and feeling of the whole day ahead. On weekends, you might even come to relish the morning quiet time.

Use an alarm if necessary. An alternative to the alarm clock: As you go to bed, think about what time you want to wake up the next morning. Some people when they do this report waking up just minutes before the alarm rings. Others insist this no-alarm wakeup approach works better if you drink a glass of water before hitting the sack.

Be sure to give this regular wakeup time routine the full three weeks to become habit.

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